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Take a deep breath, inhale a pleasant smell and discover the power of Aromatherapy...

Aromatherapy and the Power of Breath

When people think of Aromatherapy, usually the first thing that comes to mind is reducing stress and relieving tension.  However, the effects of Aromatherapy are much more wide spread than calming nerves and emotions.  The power of fragrance can excite and stimulate the body as well as the mind.  Have you ever noticed your first reaction to an unpleasant smell?  Many times, the first response is to turn the body away from pungent odors or to clasp the hands over the nose or mouth. 

The exact opposite is true for pleasant smells.  In fact, the power of pleasing fragrance is so strong that it causes people to open their arms wide, toss their heads back, and take a deep breath.  It is in fact breathing that is the power source of life and by breathing deeply, one will clean out the body, purify their blood, and increase their circulation therefore increasing their vitality and stamina.

simple breathing The natural world is full of both exciting and delicious as well as pungent and horrific scents.  Often it is our sense of smell that can lead us to determine if sickness is present, even if death is imminent.  Yes, it is true; life and death both have identifying scents.  It is only plausible then that you can enhance or detract from your life by the scents that surround you.  Your physical realm is identified by the scents you experience. 

Often times, many chemical products try to counterfeit the natural scents that were given to mankind.  The rich fragrance of an orange grove in blossom becomes “Citrus in a Can” and a garden of roses in bloom is turned into “eau de cologne of rose”.  However, there is no need to substitute these natural gems into chemical counterfeits.  There are many techniques and processes available that will allow you to harvest these aromas year round, no matter what season, and not only are these aromas natural, they still contain the same healing properties that they did in the wild. 

The first sign that there is trouble in life comes through the breath.  Shallow breathing, pollution, and sickness can rob someone of their vitality and energy.  Aromatherapy is a beneficial tool to combat these ills and to restore the art of breathing to the body.  Those who practice Yoga understand the value of the Complete Breath.  The Complete Breath will bring the body into balance, restore harmony between the mind and the spirit, and will instantly refresh the body with peacefulness and tranquility.  Aromatherapy will enhance the Complete Breath and will bring with it the added benefits of herbal remedies.

At first, you may find that it is hard to breathe deeply or notice the purity of the scents when practicing Aromatherapy.  This will subside in time and the more you clear your mind and body, the greater your results from Aromatherapy will be.  As you learn to breathe deeply and practice the healing benefits of Aromatherapy, you will begin to see vitality, energy, and zest return to your life.

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