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Whether your hair is straight, curly, permed, dyed, bleached, natural, blonde, brunette, or gray - use Aromatherapy to restore your hair's vitality...

Restoring Vitality to Hair with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has many beautifying benefits that were known to the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks.  In the Bible, it was said that Queen Esther purified herself and bathed in herbal oils to beautify her skin.  Aromatherapy infusions, oils, and teas are not only beneficial to the skin, but they also can add vitality, shine, and luxuriousness to the hair.  Whether your hair is straight, curly, permed, dyed, bleached, natural, blonde, brunette, or gray Aromatherapy can enhance the feel and appearance of your hair, nourishing each strand from the inside out.  One of the most used methods for treating your hair with Aromatherapy is by using an infusion.

From Angelica Root to Citronella Ceylon to Helicrhysum to Magnolia Flower to Ravensara Aromatica to Sandalwood Mysore to Yuzu and every oil inbetween, if you are looking for a particular Essential Oil!
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